Venus Williams

"Interior design is a business of trust"

Our Vision

As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is”.

Our vision is to help each and every individual create not just a material house, but a home reflecting their soul. We want more people to be able to join the journey of self-discovery and expression through exploring their beloved home with us.

Our Mission

To use our passion and dedication to create inspirations for you, home owners.

To create and forge real friendships and understanding between you and us.

To ensure the highest quality work produced to our ability.

About Us

Classic Furniture Design and Renovation Works (Classic Furniture), incorporated in 1980, begun as a well-loved, award winning pioneer in the carpentry home renovation industry, where we took pride in providing premium carpentry work in Singapore. With carpentry work often being a major component of house renovations, over the years, we have slowly diversified into ID and other renovations in order to provide better overall professional solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We currently provide services from interior designing, to building and wet works, additional to our carpentry services in Singapore.

Being well received in the industry for more than 4 decades, we can confidently say that our main advantage for our customers lies in having our own showroom and carpentry workshop, with our own dedicated team of in-house designers and carpenters who are experts in their field of work, many having honed their skills through decades of experience.

Simple, functional yet stylishly unique, Classic Furniture’s design concepts, kitchen systems, wardrobes and customised furniture are in a class of their own. Over 40 years of experience together with our contemporary designs, quality imported materials, and dedicated factory facilities have garnered us more than 45,000 satisfied customers, with many returning customers and referrals spanning across generations.

The Process & The Team

The process of renovating a house can be a daunting task, especially for first time home owners. At Classic, our team aims to help you through this process by providing as much professional advices and services as possible.

Your journey first begins with a complimentary design consultation by our team, where our professional in-house designers are skilled in space planning, furnishing and ultimately, adapting their design aesthetics to suit your individual style. With a variety of furnishing to choose from, in addition to the choice of colours and type of finish, we are able to help you achieve any design concept that you have in mind.

After the agreement of designs and material selections, groundwork construction will begin where your dream home will be transformed into a reality from paper and digital artworks, to concrete buildings, rooms and design spaces. All wet works and constructions will be carefully monitored and coordinated by our people onsite, while all carpentry works will be fabricated with a quality check by own carpentry workshop, with installations by our own experienced carpenters and carpentry constructors in Singapore. Our team is able to coordinate and work closely with one another and the close proximity between our design hub and the factory allows us to maintain strict control on quality. From the design phase, to the choice of base material, right up to the delivery of the end product, each stage is checked for quality to ensure the end product is satisfactory across all levels.

We take pride in our superior workmanship and our strong attention to detail, making sure that all wet works, constructions and each product that rolls out of our factory are satisfactory and crafted to inch-perfect precision. This ensures that all design and products meet our expectations and our client’s need, so you can get the best interior designs and customised furniture in Singapore for your living spaces here at Classic.

Brand History

Our history through the years.

The founder begun his journey in the carpentry industry as an apprentice at the age of 13.
Classic Furniture Design & Renovation Work was established.
Eunos Factory and Showroom opened.
Won various accolades such as the Modern Living - World Trade Center Best Kitchen Concept.
Showroom moved to Tanjong Katong Complex #03-56, one of the biggest showrooms in Singapore!
Started B2B renovations with developers
Following the trend of customers looking for full renovation services, Classic expanded its services
Won Blum Homeowners' Choice Award

With a strong passion residing, the founder of Classic Furniture begun his journey in the carpentry industry in 1968, at a young age of 13 as a solo contractor. He subsequently established the company in 1980, and till this day he has 50 over years of experience, with the company having over 40 years of long-standing history. The company has grown from a small single man operation, to a medium sized company today. It has achieved many significant milestones including being one of the pioneer carpentry companies back in the 1980s, winning many accolades such as the Modern Living – World Trade Center Best Kitchen Concept, to having its own interior showroom located at Tanjong Katong Complex, and two carpentry factory units located in the Eunos industrial estate. The company prides itself as a home-grown consumer and employee-oriented company, with a team of dedicated employees, as well as returning customers, having grown together with the company over several decades.