Bedok Road

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Landed Property


Bedok Road

A house for a family often acts as a place of shelter for various people from different walks of life, with various different personalities and forms of needs and desires. With different individuals, a house can often have various styles in different rooms and hence seem in-cohesive. However, when a themed concept is applied throughout the house in minute details of each individual rooms, a house can eventually come together and transform into one cohesive unit, much like a family unit when these various people unite.

The following house renovation relays a cohesive, sophisticated and classy ambience throughout various spaces of the house whilst still maintaining individual style. From the biggest contrast between the daughter’s bedroom (white themed with venetian inspired cabinets), to the master and son’s bedrooms (dark themed with earth toned finishings), colours used are kept at a minimal with similar wood grained textured materials used, like a string tying the entire house together. The concept flows from room to room, like the various chapters of a well told family story.

Credits: Designed in collaboration with The Carpenter’s Workshop