Bently Showflat

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Bently Showflat

The following portfolio showcases 2 show flats of a condominium, designed luxuriously and intended to maximise the given space. The studio apartment cleverly camouflages the TV console and wardrobe behind a dark reflective mirror which aims to elongate the space. The use of grey walls and light yellow lighting creates a nice ambience with the combination between cool and warm tones.

The other bedroom apartment also makes use of the placement of mirror behind the bed to make the space look bigger. Paired with intricate wallpaper, velvet gold finishing and sliver gold ornaments, the room brings forth a sense of elevation and elegance.

We do all kinds of renovation works with all the furniture being custom-made in our own factory in Singapore. Our concepts, carpentry works and material samples are displayed in our showroom, visit our showroom for more information.